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New Pet-Friendly 1-Bedroom Townhomes for Rent at Brandywine Townhomes in Goose Creek

Look no further than Brandywine Townhomes for your new stylish home with plenty of apartments and community amenities. Youll love our spacious 1-bedroom townhomes with in-home laundry, a separate kitchen, and plush carpets in your bedroom. Youll love the neighborhood, the neighbors, the amenities, and living at Brandywine Townhomes.

Save Money, Cook at Home

Fast food prices arent worth it, but a tiny kitchen with a refrigerator can make cooking at home just as frustrating. Luckily, our one-bedroom townhomes for rent in Goose Creek come outfitted with a full kitchen, perfect for meeting your health and budget goals. Check out our photos to start planning which cabinets youll store all your kitchen tools and dinnerware in.

Loads of Laundry

Having to haul laundry baskets to a laundromat every week is time-consuming, a hassle, and inconvenient. We have townhomes for rent in Goose Creek equipped with washers and dryers in a spacious laundry room. You can do laundry when its convenient for you, and theres plenty of room to hang up items that need air drying. Look at our floor plans to see the spacious layout of our one-bedroom townhomes.

Outdoor Exercise for the Whole Family

Our townhome rentals offer the entire family the opportunity to run around and play. We have a robust playground, multi-sports courts, and a pool for your children. Look at our map and eBrochure for more nearby opportunities to get out of the house and use your muscles.

Storage Galore

With huge closets, a large bathroom vanity, and plenty of kitchen cabinets, our new townhomes for rent have plenty of space to store all your belongings. Whether youre looking at 1-bedroom or 2 & 3-bedroom apartments for rent, Brandywine Townhomes has options with plenty of storage.

Lots of Tail Wagging in Your Future

Your furry friend will love our pet-friendly townhomes in Goose Creek. We allow up to two pets with a one-time pet fee and a low monthly rent.

Call Brandywine Townhomes today for more information on townhomes rental availability and our pet policy!